Some Main References in Italy and the rest of the world:

91.000 Swire Properties One Island East Hong Kong
64.000 Multisolutions Uco Office Bldg Belgium
46.700 Top Tech Manhattan Hong Kong
20.000 Edilgros S.p.A. Centro Direzionale Turin
20.000 Fatma S.p.A. Cartiere Vecchie Ancona
12.850 Chirvan Olympic Games Offices Bldg Greece
10.000 Renco Agip Co. Office Bldg Kazakhstan
9.800 Lenzlinger Zurich City Bldg Switzerland
9.800 Multisolutions Airport Garden Belgium
8.250 Hazer Toprak Bank Branches Turkey
8.200 Lindner Danish Radio Headquarter Denmark
8.000 Multisolutions Colony Office Bldg Belgium
7.000 Multisolutions Zuidrand Office Bldg Belgium
6.850 AFC Skansen Ltd Offices U.K.
6.300 Lenzlinger Uster Office Bldg Switzerland
6.200 Mag. Naguib Co. Pyramids Smart Village Resort Egypt
5.000 AFC J.T. Construction Offices U.K.
5.000 Multisolutions Regent Office Bldg Belgium
4.500 R&N Golf Club Muscat Oman
4.500 Lenzlinger Debiopharm Lausanna Offices Switzerland
4.500 Work Spirit Immobiliaria Colonial Offices Spain
4.000 AFC Gw Carpentry Offices U.K.
4.000 Best S.p.A. New Offices Ancona
3.500 Multisolutions Clos des Chartreux Offices Belgium
3.485 Professional Center Vodafone Call Center Milan
3.200 AFC ITC Concepts Offices U.K.
3.000 Intesa Leasing S.p.A. Tecnowind Office Ancona
2.800 AFC SW Bruce Offices U.K.
2.650 AFC Kingswood Countuction Offices U.K.
2.150 Gesuelli & Iorio Arpam Office Macerata
2.100 Brunamonti Costruzioni Nokia Office Rome
2.000 Edilgros Spa Holiday Inn Turin
1.998 CIMA srl IV Nov. Square Office Ancona
1.900 AFC Faithdean Plc Offices U.K.
1.800 Lenzlinger Dietlikon Zuritor Insurance Office Switzerland
1.300 I.C.O.C. S.r.l. ACP Office Macerata
1.280 Immobiliare 2000 S.r.l. Goldengas  Office Ancona
1.200 Hazer NTV Television Turkey
1.150 Telko Technological Park Parma
1.100 F.lli Baraldi Manitou Office Bologna